Thursday, August 15, 2013

Choss Roof

Cobra Triangle Sit:
Cobra Triangle Sit from John Cooper on Vimeo.
Hydra Sit:
Hydra Sit from John Cooper on Vimeo.
Filthy Rich:
Filthy Rich from John Cooper on Vimeo.

It's been a long time since my last update.  I graduated from NAU in December and started a nursing job at the Peaks, a skilled nursing facility in Flagstaff.  I spent just under the last 5 months working 4-6 12 hour night shifts per week to pay off my debt.  I didn't climb very much during the winter months in anticipation for the forest roads opening in April.

I re-instituted the 3 day per week minimum for climbing to deal with the nocturnal work schedule.  I've been mainly climbing at Choss Roof, as the route like climbing allows opportunities to rest and chalk up.  I did the second ascent of my hardest climb to date: River of Acheron in June before the crisp morning temperatures disappeared.  Unfortunately I did not get video as the ascent was a quick after work session.  I climbed the second ascent of Filthy Rich, which is the low start to Dirty Cash, as well as the second ascent of Cobra Triangle Sit.  The sit start adds a difficult boulder problem that is hard to pull off the ground, then utilizes a right hand crimp to create a compression problem along a sloper rail with alternating foot cams.  I did the first ascent of the Hydra Sit as well.

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